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Out now! „The little Mantras“

John Harle says it all:

Christophe’s book Little Mantras focusses on the one of the things we most easily forget whilst playing the saxophone – that a relaxed body will produce a higher quality saxophone sound.The step-by-step guide he proposes may seem unconventional, but the results speak for themselves- a body that is ‘in tune’ with the saxophone itself will behave naturally, and produce an optimum sound.His breathing suggestions will always ensure that enough oxygen reaches the brain and body so thatwe are able to counter the effects of over-breathing, blocked breath, and performance anxiety.Above all, his method increases our self awareness whilst playing, which is the gateway to  a journey of personal discovery that leads to a greater sense of joy whilst playing music.Christophe’s book should be a must-have for any saxophonist wishing to develop themselves and their musicianship.John Harle.